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  • Prepare for 16 June! You can start by building your own social media package, draft a thematic newsletter for your network or organize an online event. Take part in the global discussion by using the hashtag #familyremittances
  • Think creatively on how you can bring this opportunity to the world’s attention. Use personal stories and compelling photos to illustrate the reality of the one billion people directly involved in remittances
  • Take advantage of the IDFR official graphics on this Trello board following the logo guidelines


SHARE HOW YOU ARE TAKING ACTION to support remittance families build resilience in times of crisis and inspire others

We are particularly eager to hear from:

The private sector – How remittance service providers (RSPs) are maintaining continuity of services, and how they are adapting to make financial services more accessible and affordable to migrants and their families

The public sector – How policy makers and regulators are mitigating the effects of the crisis on family remittances and specifically how they are linking financial inclusion and remittances to benefit migrant workers and their families

The civil society – How diaspora organizations and migrants´ associations are raising awareness of the contribution of remittance families to local development, and providing support through the crisis

To share your achievements, current initiatives and ideas, send an email to We will help you disseminate them.

Please include:
– Subject line: “IDFR 2021”
– A message with a brief explanation of what your organization is doing to support migrant families build resilience
– A video, a photo or any link illustrating your action
– Your organization’s high-resolution logo

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